11 Benefits of Chamomile You Never Knew – A Benefit for Everyone

11 Benefits of Chamomile You Never Knew  A Benefit for Everyone

We have all heard about how chamomile tea can help us get a good night’s sleep. However, did you know that the benefits of chamomile extend far deeper and wider than this?

What is Chamomile?

Chamomile is a herb, coming from the flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. Chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal herbs in the world. Its known to have multiple health benefits, due to it being rich in flavonoids and terpenoids.

Chamomile has often been used for insomnia, pain, and gastrointestinal issues. There is a high demand for chamomile due to its various medicinal benefits, and an increase in use of natural products versus chemical products, as many herbal products can be free of side-effects (1).

In fact, more than one million cups of chamomile tea are enjoyed around the world every day (2). This lovely plant certainly is not to be underestimated, and has a wide range of healing benefits (2).

Did you know that chamomile can be used more than a tea to drink?  It can also be used as an essential oil or cream! Read on below to learn about all of its healing benefits, and how you can use chamomile to support your own health and wellness.

Benefits of Chamomile

1) A good night’s sleep

This paper indicated significant improvement is sleep quality after chamomile use. What’s more? This study indicated that chamomile can significantly improve the quality of sleep for the elderly

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2) Anti-inflammatory properties

This study indicated evidence supporting chamomile as an effective anti-inflammatory agent. 

3) Helping you fight the common cold

 According to this paper, inhaling steam with chamomile extract, can help to relieve symptoms of the common cold.

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4) A happy tummy

If you experience an upset stomach, gas, or stomach acid, chamomile can help with that, as it can have a smooth muscle relaxant effect (2). Studies also suggest that chamomile can inhibit the growth of a bacteria that is associated with stomach ulcers (2).

5) Battle those hemorrhoids

This study also indicated that tinctures of chamomile can be used in a sitzs bath to help reduce inflammation associates with hemorrhoids.

11 Benefits of Chamomile You Never Knew  A Benefit for Everyone

6) New moms 

This paper indicated that chamomile may reduce depression and improve sleep in postpartum women.

7) Pain relief

This study indicated that topical chamomile oil resulted in increased analgesic activity (pain relief), and improved function for those with knee osteoarthritis.

8) Help with blood sugar levels

This paper indicated that chamomile tea can be helpful to control blood sugar levels

9) Premenstrual syndrome

Do you go for the over-the-counter pills? Well this paper indicated that consuming chamomile was more effective at reducing premenstrual symptoms than mefenamic acid (NSAID).

10) Helps your mood

This study indicated that chamomile may have clinically meaningful anti-depressive and anti-anxiety effects.

11) A bundle of health-promoting power

This paper indicates that chamomile has been shown to have anti-parasitic, anti-aging, and anti-cancer properties! Wow!

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Overview of Chamomile Products

11 Benefits of Chamomile You Never Knew  A Benefit for Everyone

Chamomile comes in many forms, and depending on what benefit you are using it for, you can pick the product best for you. Here are some suggestions:

1) Chamomile Tea

Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Fairtrade

U.S Wellness Naturals Chamomile Tea

  • Organic
  • BPA-free packaging
  • Loose-leaf

2) Chamomile Tincture

Herb Farm Chamomile Extract

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free

3) Chamomile Capsule

Nature’s Way Chamomile Flower Capsules

  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian

4) Chamomile Essential Oil (not for consumption)

Plant Therapy Organic Chamomile Essential Oil

  • Organic
  • 100% Pure
  • Non-GMO

The benefits of Chamomile are many! How do you use chamomile to support your health and wellness? Live Well Natured.

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