“We do not come into this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree" ~ Alan Watts ~

Welcome to Well Natured! The above quote is our inspiration for building this website. We recognize our inherent and perpetual connection to nature, infinitely bound in oneness.

We strive to promote wellness, and provide you with interesting information on natural, sustainable, eco-friendly, and alternative living, to help us all reconnect with our roots. After all, we are a part of, and a manifestation of, nature itself. We strive to provide relevant information, not just popular opinion, to help you make informed decisions, and you’ll often find that we have done research and cited that research in our posts.

Indeed, one shoe does not fit all. We are bombarded with generic information and harmful products; however, we encourage everyone to embrace your own unique nature – to make decisions that are best for you and the environment that sustains us all. Whether for your self-care, home, or personal wellness, we hope to offer all our readers alternatives to explore, and to empower you to make choices that feel good for you, and the earth.

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