IBS: Natural, organic, psyllium husk – my experience, and how I use it

IBS: Natural, organic, psyllium husk – my experience, and how I use it
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Irritable bowel syndrome – what a nightmare. For those of you who live with this miserable condition – and there are many of us out there – finding solutions to IBS is a real struggle.

I feel that I have tried just about everything out there from diet modification, to limiting dairy, to drinking more water, to increasing exercise. However, results have always been inconsistent. IBS has proven challenging to tame.

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One piece of advice I have always been given by doctors and other health professionals is to increase fiber. I have done this naturally with increasing fruits, veggies (low fodmap of course!), and bran – I’m sure you can relate. But again, the results are inconsistent, mixed. How much I just want that feeling of relief!!!!! For the IBS to just go away.

Doctors have recommended to take a fiber supplement. Yes, when I first tried those conventional fiber supplements you find at the drug store – you know what I’m talking about – I was excited at the prospect of finding a solution. But of course, they never worked. They usually left me extremely bloated with no improvement whatsoever after months of trying them out. 

One thing I realized was that those drug store fiber supplements were completely unnatural. As I’m moving towards living a more natural, holistic and organic life, away from artificial chemicals and artificial foods – (after all, we ourselves are from nature!), I  was thrilled, that indeed, there are alternatives!

I decided to try a natural, organic form of fiber instead – in its pure form – and finally – I got some results. Natural, organic, non-GMO psyllium husk! FYI – psyllium husk comes from a plant!

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This is the one that I tried:

Now Organic Psyllium Husk Powder

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian/Vegan

My Experience:

When I first tried the product, I took one big tablespoon of it in water. The next day I was more bloated, more constipated, so I straight up stopped it. I felt it was just another failed experiment, like the drug store artificial fibers I had tried. BUT BIG MISTAKE! It is actually normal to have some bloating, gas, etc. when starting the psyllium husk (or other fibers).

I decided to give it another shot.

What I learned: Take it slow. Results may not show up right away. But keep at it for a bit to give it a fair chance.  Also, increase the dose slowly.  Drink LOTS of water with the psyllium husk, and throughout the day.

The package says to take 5 mg twice a day. Through trial and error, I figured out the right dose for MY body. What has worked best for me is 5 mg once a day, 2 times a week. That is it! This is the right balance that will give me some relief, without causing side effects.  

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  • Everyone’s digestives issues have some differences and variation, and there are different results we are seeking. Are you looking to slow down your digestion? Bulk up your stool? Or have better emptying of your bowels? We may all use the same products to gain different results.
  • Take it slow, take your time playing around with the dose, until you find the right amount that suits YOUR NATURE! Especially when you have a sensitive gut, its important to take it easy.
  • Set realistic expectations and accept that it may take time to work, and that results may vary.
  • Biggest thing to remember when taking the psyllium husk is to ensure that you are drinking lots of water throughout the day! I ensure I am getting at least 2 liters a day of water.

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Final Thoughts

For the first time in years, when I switched to this natural organic fiber product, I have experienced more improvement and relief than I have felt in years, especially with feeling more emptied and less backed up. Less bloating, better bowel movements, and man, my mood is up as a result.  

Overall, living with IBS is a daily battle with a complex array of triggers. Even though I still have bad days, I am better off with the natural organic psyllium husk, compared to any other fiber supplements I have tried.

(Note: Read the instructions on the package for more information on how to use the product, and always consult a doctor. This post is not a substitute for medical advice. Psyllium husk may not be for everyone, and its important to use it properly. This is my experience only for informational purposes, and others may react differently including adversely.)

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, at no cost to you. If you click on a link and make a purchase, we make a small commission. Read our full disclosure for more information. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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