Stuck at Home? How to Make Time for Self-Care – The Complete Guide

stuck at home? how to make time for self-care – the complete guide
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“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

Seven Days of Self-Care: This is the Perfect Time to Finally Focus on You!

Ready for radical self-care? For many of us that are safe at home, we may find we have a lot more time on our hands. And many of us want to make the most of this time! During the COVID-19 lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing, and isolation, we can find an opportunity. This is an opportunity where we can make time to do those things we have always wanted to do, but never quite had the time for.

How many of you have wanted to start painting again? Get into a fitness routine? Try meditation? Or learn to garden or cook? These are all related to self-care! And now, many of us finally have an opportunity to give ourselves some well-needed self-love. Let’s not waste this time – I know many of you feel the same way. However, let’s face, many of us have been thrown off our regular routines, and it can be hard to get into a new rhythm.

Create Your Own Seven Days of Self-Care Plan

I am sure we have all read lists about the trillion different things we can do for self-care. That’s great. However, the hard part isn’t always figuring out what to do for self-care, but how to do it. The hardest part is figuring out how to get into a self-care routine – how to start something new!

We at Well Natured can definitely relate. That’s why we have broken it down for you into 6 easy steps. We will guide you step-by-step on how to kickstart a seven day self-care routine, so you can finally accomplish this goal and feel better.

We first will list out self-care ideas you can use. Then, we will guide you on how to put those ideas into action. What’s more? We’ll provide you with a personal example of a self-care routine I made for myself! Finally, we will also provide you with a free template you can use for your own plan! Rest, relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect!

Contents: In This Article

  • Part 1: Ideas for Different Areas of Self-Care
  • Part 2: How to Create You Seven Days of Self-Care Plan
  • An Example of My 7 Days of Self-Care Plan
  • Free Template You Can Use to Create Your Self-Care Plan
  • Goal of the Week
  • Final Words

Part 1: Ideas for Different Areas of Self-Care

There are multiple dimensions to who we are! We present to you 7 areas of self-care to capture all aspects of our life. This ensures that we are nurturing our whole self!

Within each area, we have provided you awesome self-care ideas!

Start thinking about which of these self-care ideas you would like to try.

Self-care area 1: Nutrition

Description: Eating and drinking for better health. Choosing a nourishing and nutritious diet to keep our bodies working!

Eat only organic food: Next time you go grocery shopping, buy organic only, and bake with organic ingredients.

Eat foods that boost your immune system: Add at least 1 immune boosting food to your diet, or try a superfood detox.

Eat more fiber: Eat more whole grains and vegetables or take a fiber supplement.

Drink herbal tea: Drink a herbal tea of your choice at least once a week (to start).

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Self-care area 2: Mind/Intellect

Description: Expanding the mind, and gaining knowledge and awareness

Watch a documentary: Watch a documentary about something you don’t know much about such as lost history, consciousness, or food!

Take a free online course or learn a language– Harvard university has free online courses they are offering, here. You could also try learning a new language!

Do a Puzzle: Pick up a Sudoku or crossword book and give your mind a brain tease once a week!

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Self-care area 3: Emotional

Description: Self-connection and discovery, mental wellness, and spirituality

Journal your feelings: Relax with a cozy soft blanket, grab a notebook or a handmade journal and write about how you are feeling. This can be after an emotional event, or just to sort out your thoughts.

Try meditation: Set aside some time to sit in silence and practice deep breathing once a week, or try guided meditation.

Read a self-help book: Is there something you would like to improve about yourself? Do you worry too much? There are plenty of books that can help us learn these skills and discover inner peace, such as The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself.

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Self-care area 4: Body

Description: Physical fitness and wellness, living an active lifestyle; taking rest when needed; skin care, grooming; sleep

Try a new exercise: Try weightlifting or yoga, or add in new stretches or 1 new exercise into your current routine. You can also try a Fitness Tracker.

Go for a jog: No matter your fitness level, take a jog outside at whatever pace works for you. Enjoy fresh air and nature, once a week.

Try a natural organic face wash: Keep your skin healthy and limit your exposure to toxic and harmful chemicals. Use a new product made with natural ingredients.

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Self-care area 5: Home

Description: Creating a home that is healthy, safe, and supportive of you

-Declutter: Is there a closet that hasn’t been cleared of old clothes in a while? Is your basement filling up with junk? Spend one day donating and getting rid of things that no longer serve you and take up space

Start a garden: Gardening has many therapeutic benefits and it’s a great addition to sustainable living. Start with planting a few easy items such as with an indoor garden kit, and go from there!

Make your home more zen: Get yourself a plant, or Himalayan salt lamp, or simple hand-made furniture to create a more relaxing and healthy home. You can also try purifying your home air.  

Try using natural cleaning products: Reduce your exposure to toxic and harmful chemicals. Explore alternative all-natural cleaning products. Start small, try using a natural dishwasher, and then expand to other cleaning products

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Self-care area 6: Recreate

Description: Exploring your creative and artistic side; starting a new hobby or getting back to an old hobby

Write poetry: Set aside 20 minutes to express yourself in poetry. Feel free to use colorful language, metaphors, or whatever suits your style.

Create paper crafts: Set aside a day to grab some paper and scissors and create a birthday card, some origami, or anything else that interests you. You could also get decorative with a Rainbow & Lilies Paper Flowers Decorations.

Make your own soap: Set aside a day to make your own soap. You’ll get to create something, and use it afterward. Add a scent that you love. We recommend organic lavender!

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Self-care area 7: Do Good – Love Earth

Description: Connecting with others; nurturing the Earth that sustains us all – without it, there would be no self-care at all!

Call a friend: Socializing and connecting with others is another aspect of self-care. Set aside 15 minutes to check-in with a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

Pick up garbage from a local park: No matter what time of the year it is, there is always litter in a park. Set aside 20 minutes to pick up some litter, and return the park to its natural beauty. You can even call up some friends to help!

Volunteer for a local organization you are passionate about: Getting involved with something you are passionate about and making a difference is also important for our self-care. Whether its signing a petition for an important cause, helping out at the food bank, or getting involved in advocacy, this can help bring more meaning to your life!

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Part 2: How to create your seven days of self-care plan

Step 1: Brainstorm

brainstorm self care ideas

The first step for creating a self-care routine is to brainstorm ideas. We have made this easy for you! For each area we listed in Part 1, brainstorm self-care ideas that you would like to do. We have already started the brainstorming for you and listed some ideas for each self-care area in Part 1. You can use the ideas we came up with, or come up with your own. Whatever works for you!

Step 2: Choose

Now that you have all your ideas, its time to choose which self-care ideas you will actually do this week! Choose 1 self-care idea from each area. Simple as that!

Step 3: Schedule it

create self-care calendar

So far so good, right? The next step is to actually schedule time every day for self-care! It’s easy to come up with the ideas. However, if we really want to DO the self-care activities, its best to schedule time for them. This way we make it intentional. We plan it into our lives. We make it into a goal we can accomplish!

Do just 1 self-care activity each day. Its up to you what day you would like to do each activity. Also, decide what time each day you will do the activity, and for how long. Whether its first thing in the morning or before bed, for 10 minutes, or 1 hour, do what feels right or you!

Step 4: Do it!

This is the exciting part! Now that you have chosen your self-care activities for the week, and have scheduled time for them– DO THEM!  There is nothing to lose now! Enjoy your self-care time!

Step 5: Reflect

reflect on self-care activities

After doing your self-care activity each day, take a few moments to reflect. How do you feel after doing each activity? Do you feel rested? Invigorated? Excited? Inspired? Relaxed? Rejuvenated? Surprised? Take note of this feeling! It will help you on your self-care journey as you learn what suits your nature!

Step 6: Repeat!

Keep the momentum going! This is key to making self-care a regular part of your everyday life. Pick other self-care activities you would like to try. Or continue with any activities you enjoyed last week! Continue the exploring, and making that time to reconnect and focus on you!

NOTE: Remember to just try your best. If there is a day that you end-up skipping your self-care activity, don’t worry about it! Just continue it the following day. This is a process, a journey. Acknowledge that you have at least taken steps in the right direction for you!

Example: My Seven Days of Self-Care Plan

I have always struggled with integrating self-care into my life. That is why I created this plan for myself! It was a success! It has started me on a journey towards being intentional with self-care, reminding me to make time for it every day, and exploring various areas of self-care. And so I decided to share my step-by-step guide with you, and an example below of my seven day self-care plan!

Products I used for my 7 days of self-care:

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Free Template You Can Use to Create Your Self-Care Plan

Feel free to print the template below to use for your plan!

GOAL OF THE WEEK: Self-Care Challenge! Do you have a hard time thinking of what to do for self-care? Or do you find it challenging to actually schedule in time for self-care? Do you finally want to stick to a self-care routine? Well we are here to help! Create your own seven days of self-care plan using our free step-by-step guide! We provide you with plenty of ideas, keep it very simple, and provide an example you can use!

Final Thoughts

Self-care is such an important part of our lives! Many of us want to do it, however, it can be challenging to actually schedule the time, and to make a plan! We really hope you find our step-by-step guide helpful on your self-care journey! Start your own plan now! You will definitely thank yourself for it later! Share this guide with you friends or family members who could benefit, too!

Stay Well Charged. Live Well Natured.

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