Best Fitness App For Losing Weight & Keeping Motivated – Reviewed

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What is Aaptiv?

We’ve all been there – wanting to workout, get fit, lose weight, and just be healthy! However, whether its getting yourself to actually start a workout, or keeping yourself going once you have started – it can be tough to keep motivated. This is where Aaptiv comes into play!

Sometimes we find ourselves getting bored with the same old routine, stop seeing further gains, and don’t quite know what else we can do to stay active. We may also not feel comfortable working with a live personal trainer or may not have the money to afford one. Again, this is where Aaptiv can help!

Aaptiv is the number 1 audio fitness app out there. Aaptiv provides trainer-led, music driven workouts in multiple fitness categories including running, strength, cycling, HIIT training, boxing, yoga, meditation and more. 

Aaptiv offers something for everyone, customized to you specific fitness and wellness goals.

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What’s to Love About Aaptiv? How does it work?

With the expert guided audio workouts, Aaptiv keeps you motivated, and encouraged to reach your fitness goal. Depending on how you are feeling, you can select a workout from multiple different categories, including running, strength, cycling, HIIT training, boxing, yoga, meditation and more. 

You’ll never get bored, and can try a new type of workout when you want, how you want, and where you want. You can turn on Aaptiv while at the gym to keep you going, or if you prefer to workout in privacy, you can can exercise or meditate with Aaptiv at home.

Whats more? We all know that music also helps to keep us motivated when working out, With Aaptiv, you get music with the audio instructions – much better than staring at a screen!

Aaptiv members have access to over 2,500 fitness classes, with 40-50 new classes added each week. Memberships range from $8.83 to $14.99 per month and include unlimited access to all workouts by expert trainers. You can get a free 7 day trial, so there is nothing to lose.

Aaptiv Overview – Questions & Answers

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What are the Pros and Cons of Aaptiv?

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Top 3 Reasons Aaptiv is the Best Fitness App 

As described above, there are A LOT of pros to this fantastic fitness app. Below, we list our top 3 reasons why Aaptiv is the best!

1) Never get bored: You get 1000s of workouts to meet your personal fitness, wellness, and weight loss goals – led by certified trainers. Stay motivated with the wide variety of workouts available, all guided by experts.

2) Work out anywhere, anytime: You get audio instructions and music so you don’t have to stare at a screen. Pop in your headphones and workout at home, at the gym, or outside.

3) There’s nothing to lose: You get a free 7 day trial! Give Aaptiv a try, we are sure you will love it and start seeing results!

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How Do Other Fitness Apps Compare?

There are tonnes of fitness apps out there! However, you won’t get the variety of workout options, and expert certified trainers that Aaptiv offers. This is the most comprehensive and affordable workout app out there – and importantly, you can customize it. You can choose the type of workout you want anytime, anywhere, and stay motivated as you meet your personal weight loss, wellness, and fitness goals.

Aaptiv is the #1 audio fitness app for a reason! Exercise at home, hit the gym, go for a jog, relax with meditation, or stay motivated while on your treadmill – Aaptiv and its certified trainers have your covered. Pop in your headphone, and go!


Aaptiv is Well Natured Approved. Aaptiv is the number 1 fitness app for a reason! This is the most comprehensive and affordable fitness apps out there. Aaptiv keeps you motivated, gives you access to thousands of workouts guided by experts, and allows you to customize to your personal goals – whether you want to focus on strength, cardio, flexibility, meditation, and more! Aaptiv is definitely the best fitness app for wellness, weight loss, and overall health and fitness!

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