The Best Mother’s Day Gifts 2021 – The Ultimate List

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This year, Mother’s Day is going to be a little different. With social distancing and lockdowns in place, we may not be able to gather and celebrate as we usually do. But let’s not lose hope! Let’s make the best out of the situation we are in. We can still appreciate mothers everywhere and show some love with thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts!

This is the perfect time to get your mother something special, to put a smile on her face, and bring some relief and happiness from the uncertainties we are all facing during COVID-19!

We have put together the ultimate list of the best, unique, quality gifts. From the mom who loves to garden, to the mom who enjoys the spa, we got you covered for all your mom’s needs! We are sure you will find something suited for your mom’s unique nature!

What gift will you purchase for you mom? Happy Mother’s Day!

P.S: Make sure to order a gift as soon as possible, and have it delivered to your mom’s address! There is a huge increase in the number of online orders being placed, and there are shipping delays. Order quick to make sure your special mom gets her gift on time!

1. The Best Relaxation Gift for Mom

The Sky Organics Bath Bomb Gift Set comes with 12 bath bombs with beautiful scents including honey almond, and lavender vanilla. These aromatherapy bath bombs are moisturizing, and with help you mom feel relaxed, soothed, and rejuvenated. They are handmade with the finest natural ingredients, are cruelty-free, and contain no sulphates or phthalates! As we say, Live Well Charged!

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2. Best Gift for Mom from a child

Story time with mommy is always a special time for mommy and child to bond! I love My Mommy Because…is an adorable book for mommy and child to enjoy together. A heartwarming gift to celebrate mom!

3. The Best Gift for Stressed Out Moms – who love to be stylish

If you’re looking for something unique, beautiful, and stress-reducing, then the Romanda Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet is the way to go! This bracelet is lightweight, elegant, and feminine. Your mom can add 2-3 drops of her favourite essential oil to it. Your mom will be surrounded by the pleasant aroma to relieve tension and stress throughout the day! Lavender essential oil (organic, of course!) is known to reduce stress, so that may be an excellent choice!

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4. The Best Gift for Moms Who Have a Hard Time Sleeping

A Bamboo Memory Foam Cooling Pillow may be just what mom needs to get a better night of sleep! This is a soft, breathable, cooling pillow which may help with reducing neck and back pain, and allowing a comfortable sleep throughout the night.

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5. The Best Gift to Make Mom Laugh

Yep, this is the year of COVID-19 and quarantine…and let’s not forget – toilet paper! Give your mom a chuckle and memory with this mug.

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6. The Best Personalized Gift for Mom

The What I Love About Mom Book has fill-in-the-blank lines to describe why your mom is the best! You can make it hilarious or heartfelt, use it to share memories or point out little quirks about your mom. Either way, its a unique personalized gift that your mom can read again and again. As we say, Live Well Said!

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7. The Best Cashmere Blanket for the Cozy Mom

Curling up with a comfy blanket is something moms can certainly appreciate. Your mom will love cuddling up with this luxuriously soft, breathable and warm cashmere throw! . As we say, Live Well Settled!

8. Best Mother’s Day Gift for Grandmothers  

Let’s not forget about grandmothers! They too can be a special jewel in our lives! The Generations Necklace captures the infinite bond between grandmother, mother, and grandchild. Made with sterling silver, this heartfelt gift is a sentimental surprise to honour an amazing woman in your life!

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9. Best Gift for Mother-in-law

This simple yet pretty and heart-warming keychain comes with the message “Thank You For Loving Me As Your Own.” It’s a lovely gesture for a special mother-in-law.

10. Best Gift for Moms who Like a Drink…or 2

A wine glass with a cute engraved or printed message is a unique and thoughtful gift! Your mom will be reminded of how amazing she is whenever she unwinds with a glass of wine!

11. The Best Gift for Mom’s who Sip on Afternoon Tea

The Teabloom Tea Set is an award winning complete blooming tea gift set! Your mom can throw an elegant tea party with this modern set. The teapot is handcrafted with superior quality glass, and also comes with twelve delicious blooming tea flowers. The double-walled glass tea cups will keep your tea warm and hands cool. An elegant and durable complete set!

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12. Best Mother’s Day Gift for the Yoga Mom

Anyone who does yoga, Pilates, or mat exercises – or would like to start doing so – needs a good quality mat that will last! The Cork Yoga Mat is an excellent choice! Its eco-friendly, and non-slip. This mat provides good cushioning and stability.

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13. Best Gift for the Zen Mom

This authentic 100% Himalayan Salt Lamp is specially hand carved. Your mom can use it as a lamp for a soft comfortable glow, and for the claimed health benefits of air purification, improved sleep, and reduced stress. This is a truly special and unique gift!

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14. Best Gift for the Vegan & Gluten-Free Mom

This Gourmet Superfood Parfait Collection is a dried fruit and nut basket, full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This gift box is packed with nutrients, made with all natural ingredients, and no artificial preservatives. It’s lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan. Let your mom indulge in these decadent treat. As we say, Live Well Nourished!

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15. Best Gift for a Mom Who Loves Kitchen Decor

This unique engraved cutting board comes with a cute poem – recipe for a special mom!  This is a beautiful gift to send your mom a lovely message. What’s more? The board is made from premium selected 100% organic bamboo (bamboo is also known to be eco-friendly!).

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16. Best Gift for the Mom with a Wicked Sense of Humor

Keep it light and fun, and stick it to your siblings with this novelty mug! If your mom (and sister)  can appreciate a good joke, this is a unique and funny gift for her! The mug is high quality ceramic and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

17. The Best Stay-at-Home Spa Experience for Mom

A spa retreat is a classic Mother’s Day gift. This year bring the spa to mom! This 9 piece vanilla coconut home spa set includes a bath gel, body scrub, and luxurious bath towel. The products are made from premium quality ingredients that are cruelty-free and paraben-free! This is the perfect gift with a soothing aroma that will leave your mom feeling rested and relaxed. Mom will surely love this spa experience, where she can be pampered and feel beautiful at home! As we always say – Live Well Groomed!

18. Best Gift for the Mom on the Go

This elegant bamboo travel mug is stylish, eco-friendly, and light weight! The interior is stainless steel, while the exterior is bamboo, creating a double insulted wall. It is BPA-free, fits in the car cup holder, and handcrafted – giving it a unique look.

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19. The Best Gift for Mom’s Aches and Pains

While mom may not be able to go out at this time to get her massage – you can bring the massage to mom! Moms work hard; she deserves this! The Naipo Neck and Shoulder Massager comes with heat and a deep kneading massage to soothe the aches and pains away. It adjustable, helps ease tension, and can help give mom’s well being a boost!

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20. Best Mother’s Day Gift for the Thirsty Mom

The LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle is truly innovative! The bottle and water are purified with the touch of a button!

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Celebrate Mother’s Day the Well Natured way with one of these special, unique, quality gifts for MOM!  

Live Well Natured.

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